Do I need a thermostat for every room?

We definitely recommend this solution because then we can independently regulate the temperature in each room. At night we can maintain a different, comfortable temperature in each bedroom, and the temperature in other rooms can be lowered. During the day, the opposite is true – the temperature is lower in the bedrooms, while in the living room, where the household members spend the afternoon, we can maintain a higher temperature, which we lower again after leaving the living room.

Where should the panels best be mounted?

We always recommend mounting the panels on the ceiling if possible. When mounted on the ceiling, the heaters disappear from view, the walls are not covered with panels, and when mounted on the ceiling, the heat is distributed very evenly throughout the room, reaches the floor first and increases its temperature in a pleasant way. When installing panels on the ceiling, try to arrange them as evenly as possible so that they look nice and symmetrical on the ceiling. If there is only one heater intended for a certain room, we of course first mount the lamp in the middle and, in the second step, mount the heater slightly to the left or right of the lamp.